Guest Speakers


Joe Klassen

Joe is a guy who is passionate about 3 things…Jesus, his family, and empowering people who don’t think they can have impact to use the gifts that God has given them to make an impact in this world. Joe has been married for 17 years to the most amazing woman in the world and is working incredibly hard to raise 3 girls(16, 7, and less than a year) up to be strong, world changing young women who are dependent on the ultimate power source (Jesus) to help them accomplish what He has for them to do. Joe is the current director of men’s ministry and first steps at Westside Family Church. He also works with adults with developmental disabilities in a group home in Olathe. Joe is passionate about seeing 300K men in the KC Metro area get to taste the fullness of life that Jesus offers and for them to share it with many more.


Amy Dmyterko

As a speaker and inspirer, Amy has been sharing wit, wisdom and wonder in secular and Christian communities for more than two decades. As a wife and mother, Amy has shared life, love and laughter with her husband, Mike for 25 years, and their three (nearly perfect) children: Jacob (22), Faith (18) and Hope (16). She has not written a best-selling book or published a killer blog. She barely survived writing this bio. Amy’s call to service is two miles from her home at a gas station -- a mission field that Amy says is ripe for the picking! She also serves as the First Impressions and SHAPE Coach Director at Westside Family Church. Laughter is her therapy and Jesus is her Savior.


Bryson Rumple

Bryson is a guy who loves people, loves the Lord, and always seeks to connect to people in a meaningful and relational way. Bryson and his wife Kasandra have been married for 6+ years and enjoy all the adventures that can be had with a toddler (2yr old Caleb). Bryson is currently serving as the Network and Outreach Director at Café Barnabas in Topeka, KS. Café Barnabas exists to create a movement of God stories, 1 student, and 1 café at a time. Bryson was drawn to this ministry because they meet students where they are at, instead of waiting for them to come to church, figure out what aversions they have to the gospel, share life with them and ultimately share Christ in a relevant, meaningful, and relational way. Bryson is passionate about seeing students and others come into a relationship with Christ and seeing the Capital C “Church” put aside their differences for the sake of more people knowing the fullness of the Gospel and what it truly means to be a child of God and by that a part of the family of Christ. Bryson loves a good pun and lives by the motto that “Life is to short to be boring”. 

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The Salty Dogs Podcast

When you stop learning, you stop growing. Our goal is to glean from the wisdom and experience from others as we continue to grow in our faith and mission in Jesus Christ. The Salty Dogs podcast comes out of Wichita, KS and is a ministry of Hosts are Casey Tavares and Jason Villanueva. Special guests are always welcome!

The Salty Dogs Podcast was birthed out of a friendship between Casey and Jason that began in 2010. From being partners in ministry to roommates on multiple occasions, their love for conversations surrounding the church, theology, and life grew the more they spent time together. Short car rides to work in early morning hours turned into deep, disgruntled, joy-filled wordfests that based on the distance of the rides were cut short, leaving those thought processes suspended in time. Thus, the birth of the Salty Dogs.

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