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Hello and welcome to Hitting The Wall, the podcast. This podcast is for everyone who has ever hit a wall in life, so basically, everyone. Together we can smash through it!

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Season 1

S1:E1 A New Beginning

Season One: Episode One of our whole new venture! I'm excited to have you along!

S1:E2 Never Forget

World-Wide Suicide Prevention Day & 9/11 - A Heavy but needed episode. We will never forget 9/11, but have we forgotten 9/12? Society is farther apart than we've ever been in my life. We fight battles against each other and our own demons.

S1:E3 Joe's Walls

Our good buddy Joe joins us for his monthly visit. Do you think Pastors don't Hit the Wall? Guess Again! Joe shares with us the things your Pastor won't tell you. Where personally, professionally, and spiritually Pastors can slam into the exact same walls that we can.

S1:E4 Special Guest Rob Wegner

Pastor Rob Wegner from the KC Underground Church stops in to talk about hitting a wall with parenting. With three daughters this published author and great friend of the show; shares his wisdom and even helps me give our buddy Joe a hard time! Listen to a guy who knows way more than I do and use Rob's tips to help all your future interactions with your kids!

S1:E5 Pivot

We have had guest these last two weeks. Let's break down some points they both shared with us. Pivoting as a parent is so crucial, we did not want to miss it. We also continue down the road of hitting the wall and what it is that leads you to the thump!

S1:E6 #ToxicNegativity

Toxic negativity is getting wild out there! We deal with negative people, but what about the overall toxic environment we create for each other? Let's break down what that looks like and how we can combat it with some positivity.


Joe is back! We've got some things to discuss. The key phrase for tonight is Civil Discourse. We can disagree and not hate. This is how it is supposed to be!

S1:E8 Burnout

Burnout. The burnout is real my friends. Here's a few identifiers of it. Once we see the problem, we can start to fix it. Let's put out the fires of "Burnout" and get back to what we love!

S1:E9 Relational Burnout & Your Voice

Burned out in your reltationship? We've all been there. Here's some signs that you are in some trouble. It is never too late to change them, but you have to see the problem before you can solve it. Then we switch gears to talk about finding your voice. Whatever it is, how ever you use it. Put it out there for the world to hear, because people need YOU.

S1:E10 Guest Host Joe

We've offered the chair to those of you who want to share your voice. Joe takes us up on the offer and shares a strong message for everyone! Come to laugh and think as Joe lays it all out for us!

S1:E11 "100"

Today we celebrate host Kyle's 100th Podcast! For over two years, 100 episodes, and two shows we've laughed, cried, and grown together. Think back a little and look forward a lot as we take this moment to just say Thank You for all your support!

S1:E12 Monster

Have you looked in the mirror and not recognized the eyes staring back at you? I sure have. That my friends in the Monster in the Mirror. When it is not our reflection but our character staring back at us, it can some times show us the beast we've become. Listen in and see if you can recognize your monsters.

S1:E13 Salute to Service

November is Salute to Service month. We welcome our special guest from the Air Force Shaunie! Shaunie is stationed in Germany at the time of this taping. We will talk to her about life in the military and life over sea's. Enjoy a new voice and new perspective on life!

S1:E14 It's Never Goodbye

The Holiday's and loss seem to go together for some. Myself included. I want to tell you about my latest loss, and share with anyone who has lost during the Holiday season that there is a way to keep going. It is not fun and it is not easy. It is however, possible. This one is a tear jerker! Grab a kleenex and let's get this done.

S1:E15 2019 in Review

It is the end of the year and the end of season one of Hitting the Wall! With your support, we have had such a wonderful time bringing you these last fifteen episodes! Joe joins us to wrap up season one, talk about 2019, and where we are going in 2020!

Season  2

S2:E1 The Year of Hate?

Happy New Year! 2020 is shaping up to be an unforgettable year. With all the political intrigue, at some point and time the nastiness will start. This could be the most devisive election season we have ever seen. What will you do with it? Give in to the hate, or remember that we can disagree without the hate.

S2:E2 I Quit!