And it Begins!


The great thing about starting a brand-new blog, is the opportunity to go in any direction that you wish! The terrible thing about starting a brand-new blog, is the opportunity to go in any direction that you wish! How is that for a catchy opening?

Welcome to the first blog post here on I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read whatever strange thoughts leave my fingertips and end up on this site! You are truly a brave person!

I wanted to start this off by first apologizing for the show on Tuesday night. My emotions of the day took over the show, and I had to end a few minutes early to keep my composure. 9/11 is still a struggle for us all, even seventeen years later. The fact that it has even been seventeen years is still mind boggling to me. I remember it like it were yesterday. I saw a great post on Facebook though after the show. It was not about 9/11. It was about 9/12. The day following the terror attacks when America, all together as Americans, stood up and said we are NOT going to be afraid. We are not defeated. Black, white, men, women, republican, democrat, all together, One Nation, Under God. What an amazing day that was. People hugging strangers in the streets. Singing songs, and flying flags. I will always remember that was the most “together” our country has ever been.

We are going to need that sense of strength and togetherness now as well. As I’m typing this, Hurricane Florence is barreling towards the Carolina’s. Record amounts of water is expected to fall along the east coast of the U.S.A. They are calling for Trillions of gallons of rainfall and are already estimating the potential damage in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This really appears to be quite the catastrophic storm. Everyone please keep the whole area in your mind, in your hearts, and in your prayers. Keep those who stayed behind safe. Keep those staying to help safe. First responders, National Guard, FEMA, whoever is ready to go in there and clean up the aftermath, keep them with you.

Quite frankly I am getting tired mentally and financially of buying new hats. I know I have kind of made it my thing to wear a hat for whatever area seems to be suffering tragedy that week, but it is wearing me down. I told Joe last week that I was to the point of looking at hats and trying to anticipate the next one I was going to need! How wild is that? I do not want to live that way. I will continue to do my best with the Hat Trick, but as I close out this first blog, I do want to give it over the big man. I will hope this week, next week, and every week to come that I will no longer needs to worry about the hat I am going to wear. I ask the Lord to bring Peace to this planet. Pease to our hearts. I ask that he keeps us all safe from now until the day he calls us home. Bless you, your families, and all that you do. Amen.

We’ll see you Tuesday 18, September 2018 when Joe and Amy join us for the next episode of WWGKW.




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