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Oh my goodness! It has been over a month since my first blog was posted! For something that I wanted to make a weekly tradition out of, I have surely dropped the ball on this! I apologize greatly!

This is our second blog post here on the website. Remember that blog posts are website exclusives and will not be shared on Facebook. We must have something cool here to help the website traffic, right? These are things that maybe aren’t deep enough to get a whole show about but are things that I want to share with you all.

Thanks as always to Joe for helping me out on Tuesday night. I think our talk on overcoming adversity was a needed show. I’m sorry that we didn’t have more time to prepare a little better, but isn’t that what happens when you are staring in the face of adversity? You must adapt and overcome. That is really the only option isn’t it? I mean I suppose you could quit, but if you are a quitter I highly doubt you are a viewer of this show. We do not do “quitting” here!

So, speaking of quitting. There is something that I cannot quit on. The select few times I have mentioned this on the show, I do not spend much time on it. I do not like having this conversation, but it is a necessary one. Please be easy with me. I never know how to have this conversation. I will do my best to keep this unemotional and even keel.

Donations. When I was told about Patreon and how it is a platform for content creators to get paid for what they do, I was really excited about the prospect! I was not excited in thinking that I would make tons of money and become uber rich off this show. That is definitely not a thought that ever really occurs to me. My hope as always was to at least not lose money in this venture. I want to expand the reach of this show. There are many ways to do that. I can promote on Facebook. That cost money. I can create promotional materials and hand them out around town. That cost money. I could try for a commercial on radio; money, tv commercial; money, printed add; money. All these wonderful ideas on getting this show out to more people all cost money. That Is just an unfortunate truth. Any marketing expert will tell you that.

I have certainly invested into what we are trying to do here. I have invested my time, energy, and money. This show does not happen cheaply. I have a promotions company who built my website and upload all our materials for free! That kind of stuff costs money, but they are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. The awesome folks at Clover Hill Promotions. Give them a “like” on Facebook. The day will come though where they might need a dollar or two from us to continue, and honestly, I would like to be able to give them those dollars.

We have four people donating to make this show possible. Those four people are so very near and dear to my heart, because they do NOT have to do what they are doing. They donate because they believe in what we are trying to accomplish here! They believe in ME, and that is just a ton of pressure! I do not want to let them down.

I need your help though. If you ware reading this blog, then I want you to take a long peak into your heart and see if this show is something you would like to financially get behind. Rightly or wrongly I take mild offense that more people are not ready or willing to take that gamble on this show. Let us all push our chips into the middle of the table. Let us all go ALL IN on this venture and see if we can hit that jackpot! Believe in me and believe in US! I know that there is greatness on the horizon for this show, and I want you all to be a big part of it! I can see all of those who donate and believe me, I have my list of those folks. I will reward your kindness in any way that I can!

I implore you. If you do not donate to a Church, if you do not donate to a cause, if you are looking for that something to get behind and support; then why not make it THIS show? Search your mind, heart, soul, and talk it over with the big man upstairs. If you feel that nudge to donate here, then do it! Click on that Patreon Link. Signing up is quick and painless. Here is my plea to you to help us grow. My plea to you to help make this show bigger and badder than ever before! You donate, I work, we all win!

There we go. There is my attempt to get some more funds flowing in this show. I will not be mentioning it much more on air. Thank you to those who are supporting us and thank you to all of you who are even reading this right now. I want to take this show all the way to the stars, and I want to take all of you with me!

Much Love,



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